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Interstate Corporation for Development is a think tank that possesses key management competencies and unique approaches to forming long-lasting partnerships. These serve the development of technological innovations, supporting international economic and humanitarian initiatives, and promoting international cooperation and development.

Our mission is to transform the world and make it a harmonious and sustainable system through the fusion of efforts in the scientific, investment, and humanitarian spheres.

  • Interstate Corporation for Development was established on February 15, 2011. CEO of the Corporation is Ivan Polyakov.
  • In 2012, the Corporation joined the UN Global Compact.
  • While supporting the Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID), in 2013 the Corporation became a partner of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
  • In 2019, due to the EEU Heads of State decision, the Corporation was granted the status of a basic organization in the field of development of cooperative and integration relations of enterprises and organizations of industrial complexes of the EEU member states.

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a conceptual roadmap for us, with Goal 17 — creation of cross-sectoral impact partnerships at the global level — at the core of our work.

We have been and currently are developing strategic initiatives tailored to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our individual approach allows us to consider the interests of all parties involved and form partnerships that create common value and mutually beneficial outcomes.

We can rapidly assemble competent autonomous project teams united by a common strategic vector and can carefully and thoroughly approach any ideas and projects with which potential partners approach us.

We flexibly approach possible forms of investment projects cooperation. Our approaches allow us to consider the interests of all parties and form partnerships that create common value.

Our implementation and support of high-end innovative projects contribute to the formation of the economy of the future.

We are competent and proficient in a number of sectors of the economy, while developing initiatives that have long-term strategic potential and cause a synergistic effect with our other projects.

We are constantly interacting with government agencies, public and private sectors of the economy, and non-profit organizations at the international level.

Our activities cover the territory of the Russian Federation, countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the BRICS group and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

We understand the enormous role that culture plays in the development of society, especially in the face of modern challenges.

Therefore, we initiate and support various sociocultural projects aimed at assisting young talents, launching international cultural cooperation, as well as developing significant public initiatives and diplomacy.

We believe in the creation of a single information space within the framework of international cooperative projects. It is to be among the most important factors in accelerating the processes of economic partnership and industrial cooperation aimed at improving the well-being of the participating countries.

As part of these projects, we are building partnerships with major Russian and international organizations, including the UN and leading global media conglomerates.


Phone: +7(495)280-77-70


Russia, 119017, Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard 17

© 2024. All rights reserved. Interstate Corporation for Development